I'm a displaced Londoner living in Brooklyn, NY.


In my distant past, I wrote songs for other artists and got paid (sometimes) by publishers when a song of mine was (sometimes) covered. That was a pretty cool job, but the song writing process was sometimes reduced to more of a factory mindset which, for some of us creative types, gets to you in the end. And when it got to me, I decided that I'd prefer to be the master of my own destiny. 

I transitioned from music, to music tech and invented the Stepp digital guitar, a digital guitar that, in its day, was pretty impressive and used by musicians including Pete Townshend, Go West, Tears for Fears, the Bee Gees and Kate Bush. It wasn't perfect, so that's something I really want return to one day. I can't believe that guitarists still don't have an uncompromising digital instrument that feels exactly like a guitar but can digitally interpret every touch, slide, bend, pluck, strum, mute, hammer-on and pull-off without any latency to create sounds from MIDI synths and sample libraries. It's hard to get right, but I've been thinking about it long enough to know what has to be done. I've got that on my todo list :) Anyway, I digress,,,,


Fast forward to today... I write and record for me first. It should come as no surprise that I'm a huge fan of using technology to record "in the box" whenever and wherever the inspiration takes me. I use a MacBook Pro via a UAD Apollo Quad audio interface into Logic Pro X. I play a '59 Epiphone semi acoustic, Taylor acoustic, Paul Reed Smith PRS Custom 24, an old Epiphone Broadway hollow body, Epiphone Sheraton II Pro, Nord Piano 3 and of course a Stepp digital guitar 


Sometimes, a few random chords magically suggest a melody. Other times it's an event (see my write up on the Boston Marathon bombings, which inspired the tribute song and support that I wrote about here)Sometimes, a person or idea inspires lyrics. I can't explain how it happens, I'm just happy that it does, because it's pretty magical and somewhat therapeutic. I've been fortunate enough to hear from people all over the world who have enjoyed my music and when any of my songs touch anyone it's a wonderful bonus and makes it even more worth while.  

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